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We make video games that are Evangelistic, Educational, and Entertaining. We need programmers, artists, musicians, sound effects artists, and various supporting roles. No formal training or game development experience? Call us anyway – we train our own. Call 757-724-3886 or email us.

Now building Chocolate Zoo – An adventure title for PC/Mac/Linux.

Dark chocolate oozes up from the ground in the Kingdom of Zoo, where one innocent taste turns hungry animals into chocolate statues. Clever, the self professing scaredy-cat, must conquer his ensemble of fears and travel the kingdom to stop the chocolate invasion, using his knowledge of foreign words along the way, and enlisting the aid of the mythical creature he never suspected was real – man.

Play Chocolate Zoo Demo Here

Our Other Games

Scribe’s Descent
A Signet Forever

Our Accomplishments

May 2014
-Finished most of Scribes’ Descent 3rd draft
-More improvements to the Ezim Editor

April 2014
-Made lots of progress on SD 3rd draft
-Drew concept sketch of the Dark Chocolatier
-Made more improvements to the Ezim Editor

March 2014
-Knocked out a lot of Scribes’ Descent 3rd draft revisions
-Made considerable progress on the Ezim editor
-Created a song for the Frog Kettle area of Chocolate Zoo

February 2014
-Made detailed designs for the new Ezim game editor
-Started back with revising Scribes’ Descent, the novel
-Promoted our first Intern to a Regular Developer!
January 2014
-Continued the extensive animation in Blender
-Fixed wall climbing feature
-Designed the first boss battle
-Made shrubs bumpable, where leaves shoot out from it with rustling sounds
-Made shrubs swipeable
-Fixed a few other niggling bugs
-Made boss battle sound effects

December 2013
-Brought on another intern
-Did extensive training on animating in Blender
-Made a falling damage feature for Clever

November 2013
-Added chocolate piece HUDs for life tracking
-Put Tantrum the Komodo Dragon into the game and now you can toggle between him and Clever
-Toonified most of the textures in Yarn
-Added a wordtile feature with map markers to show their locations on the minimap HUD
-Created red and green wordblocks
-Modeled terrain for Yarn and Untold Forest South in Blender, finally, for better control
-Made several new models for Yarn, including improved trees
-Brought on another intern
-Did extensive training on rigging in Blender

October 2013
-Made several variations of cathouses in Yarn
-Modeled and animated several new characters, including the first boss
-Modeled several game items
-Animated Clever’s crawl idle and crawling, and adjusted scripts to handle this
-Recruited and oriented 3 new interns
-Fixed several difficult and long-standing bugs
-Put caustics and underwater effects into the river
-Added new sound effects
-Animated Clever upright with idle,walk, and sword swing
-Coded the toggling between clever upright and clever all fours
-Made lightshafts for the treasure chest and coded them to appear and disappear properly
-Added a bunch of new features to the Sunder Mar game

September 2013
-Created new areas of CZ: Sandbox, Frog Kettle, Den of Shadows, TreeTops, Cold Forever, TreeDome, SpongeLands, and Hippo Lake
-Created several new models
-created a custom GUISkin for the menu/shop/dialogue system
-Finished the CZ theme song

August 2013
-Revised first chapters 9 through 15 of SD again
-Revamped the company website (new look, carousel added, mobile-friendly)
-Began the upright version of Clever
-Created several new models and began the SandBox area
-wrote a GDD for a 2D dynamic world RPG called Sunder Mar
-Arranged 2 new songs
-Coded out swimming for Clever and an enemy lockon feature

July 2013
-recruited and oriented another Programmer
-Revised chapters 9 through 15 of Scribes’ Descent (3rd draft)
-Connected our custom title menu with ORK data for game data loading
-Populated more of the Chinese vocab words list.
-Fixed several big bugs.

June 2013
-Revised first 8 chapters of Scribes’ Descent(3rd draft)
-Recruited and oriented 3 new team members
-Created a Vocab List screen in the main menu
-Coded the game to record seeing and learning new words and showing this in the vocab list
-Added footsteps audio to Clever
-Created several various new models and sound effects:
-Made a floating rock raft for the Komodo Cavern area
-Started modeling houses for the city of Epicenter

May 2013
-Created a Vocab List screen in the main menu
-Added footsteps audio to Clever
-Created several various new models and sound effects
-Made a floating rock raft for the Komodo Cavern area
-Began building out the Great Savannah area
-Started modeling houses for the city of Epicenter

April 2013
-Fixed a ton of bugs in Chocolate Zoo (and identified a bunch more, too)
-Started building out the Untold Forest North game area
-Created many new models and sound effects and started putting these into the game
-Finally wrote out a formal design document for Chocolate Zoo
-Brought on and oriented a new Programmer
-Put our game project files on a private github repository

March 2013
-Released a new build of Chocolate Zoo and posted to the website
-Began partnering with ECPI University to recruit new game developers from their Game and Sim Program via their Externship program!
-Made big improvements to the looks of the website, and made an internship brochure
-Added a Join Us and training page to the site
-Put the ORK menu system into the game
-Finished the custom wordpress plugin that tracks our developer training and entered a ton of training resource data into it
-Built a custom wordpress plugin that automates the creation and setup on new developer accounts on our site
-Built out a host of new art content and some new songs
-Put the ORK real time battle system into Chocolate Zoo
-Built the wall walking feature for Clever when his claws are extended while on wood surfaces like trees
-Began creating the Komodo Cave Entrance and Komodo Mountain game areas
-Brought on and oriented a new Intern and a new Programmer
-Did considerable prep work for our new in-house game editor

February 2013
-Gained exposure by giving Unity Training at the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group (hrnug.org)
-Brought on 2 programmers, 1 artist, 2 interns, and oriented them all
-Created a custom WordPress plugin that automatically creates and configures accounts for our new developers
-Created a drove of new art assets, including a dog, cheetah, rat, and komodo dragon model, and various concept sketches
-Made many new sound effects for the main character and for the first game area
-Made significant progress on our Android game concept
-Began a custom WordPress plugin that will help our developers track their training efforts against our library of training resources
-Upgraded the WordPress version of our company website from 3.0.1 to 3.5.1
-Began a detailed class diagram for our new in-house, Unity-based Adventure and RPG game editor

January 2013
-Brought on an intern
-Arranged the first song for Chocolate Zoo
-Revised chapters 1 through 4 of Scribe’s Descent, Draft 3
-Added Claws to Clever the cat, and the ability to show and hide them with a keypress
-Successfully integrated the ORK framework into Chocolate Zoo to add dialogue and camera movement features
-Created more art assets for Chocolate Zoo, and began a colorized world map

December 2012
-Created many more art assets for Chocolate Zoo
-Made considerable improvements to the design of Chocolate Zoo
-Began planning and construction of our own in-house RPG/Adventure game framework inside Unity
-Used a river tool to create a river in Chocolate Zoo
-Added some NPCs to the town of Yarn

November 2012
-Modeled/Animated Clever the cat for Chocolate Zoo
-Made game save feature for Chocolate Zoo
-Began in-depth research into Game Engine development
-Created many nice art assets for Chocolate Zoo

October 2012
-Got Chocolate Zoo working online and multiplayer using Photon Cloud
-Successfully integrated pocketsphinx speech recognition software into Chocolate Zoo
-Wrote out a lot more of the Chinese and Spanish language files
-Ezimin team received extensive game development training on various topics

September 2012
-Created a prototype of Chocolate Zoo
-Created a prototype of PuzzlePC
-Trained our newest artist on Blender, Unity, and Photoshop

August 2012
-Brought on a new artist and oriented him
-Began 3rd draft of the novel
-Drafted an official book cover summary for Scribe’s Descent
-Worked out more of the mobile game concept

July 2012
-Finished 2nd draft of Scribe’s Descent, the novel!
-Concepted out the new mobile game quite a bit
-Continued modeling out the entrance hatch area
-Made a deeper integration between the camera and character control scripts and the ORK framework
-Drew more concept art – for Paito and for many tools

June 2012
-Revised Chapter 14 and 15 of Scribe’s Descent.
-Created build 1.10 of the game
-Fixed several camera and character control bugs in the game, while trying to further integrate our scripts with ORK’s scripts
-Finished retopologizing Mallory, making uvmaps, and began baking normal maps.
-Began retopologizing Boxer, and doing extensive mesh cleanup.
-Jazzed up the block matching feature to include highlighting of the blocks, particle effects for their disappearance, along with a nice sound effect.
-Fixed most of the texture and mesh issues in the cave area model.
-Began a much improved concept of the Ragna.
-Purchased and installed Unity 3.5 Pro (with Unity 4 Pro preorder!)
-Purchased another seat of ORK and the ORK MSE extension

May 2012
-Revised Chapter 12 and 13 of Scribe’s Descent.
-Bought a Kinect and figured out how to do motion capture with it and Blender 2.6x
-Began texturing the entrance cave area and modeled and textured out the detailed items for it.
-Trained our programmer on the Unity Game Engine.
-rigged Boxer with the Rigify tool in Blender.
-Ezimin Interactive turned 1 year old this month!
-Created draft 1 of the Main Menu Screen in photoshop.
-Finished hi-res modelling and most retopologizing of Mallory’s model.

April 2012

-Revised Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 of Scribe’s Descent.
-Brought another programmer on board and oriented him.
-Made significant progress in modeling the entrance cave area.
-Began prototyping Scribe’s Descent Mobile
-got a free license of Unity iOS and Android and made our first mobile test builds.
-Held a joint meeting between Ezimin and our investment partners. It went very well! They awarded us a funding contract.

March 2012

-Brought a new 3D modeler onto the team and oriented him.
-Revised Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of Scribe’s Descent.
-Installed and began setting up a web-based Bookkeeping program for Ezimin.
-Made a concept of the entrance cave area. Began modeling it.

February 2012

-Created a WordPress plugin for the team websites that automates our journal entries and builds reports from it (a huge timesaver for our developers)
-Finished revising Chapter 1 of Scribe’s Descent
-knocked out a few more concept sketches
-Installed and setup a web-based Project Management tool for to manage the Scribe’s Descent project
-Setup and installed a CRM plugin and Invoicing plugin to prepare for offering preorders of Scribe’s Descent. Used them to make a Contact Us page.

January 2012:

-Brought a designer/artist on board and oriented him.
-modeled and sculpted another female character (base to use for Vivienne and others)
– Arranged Lid Approach
-finished the funding letter with Excolo, Inc. and signed it.

December 2011:

-Drew or began to draw several concepts: Items and tools, inner entrance area, cave interior, Tshirt design
-Began modeling the cave interior
-Began a funding letter with Excolo, Inc.
– Fixed the character switching feature in the prototype and made it handle 3 characters or more. Also fixed an animation looping bug.

November 2011:

-Drew or began to draw several concepts: Hydrarium, Entrance tube, Entrance Ladder Area.
– Made overall editing plan for SD novel
-Revised chapter 1

October 2011:

-Stood up a Moodle based training site to host all of Ezimin’s game development training courses and materials
-Created a piano score for the theme song
-Made more progress on the Boxer model
-Made a Facebook page for Ezimin Interactive
-Began handing out business cards for Ezimin and designing company t-shirts
-Selected an Art Lead for Scribe’s Descent
-Modeled and textured Mallory
-Began a detailed model and texturing for the Entrance level
-Began writing the Art Plan for Scribe’s Descent
-Began a detailed model for the Entrance Hatch
-composed songs for the Entrance level

September 2011:

-brought on a new 3D modeler
-oriented our Intern/Admin Assistant and our Musician.
-Trained the Admin Assistant to take over many administrative tasks
-modeled Boxer in Blender and began texturing him. Still modeling his hair and some accessories
-made modeling boards for Mallory
-designed and ordered our company business cards
-vectorized the Ezimin logo in Illustrator to prepare for making company T-shirts
-wrote first draft of the Game Design Document
-made various improvements to the company website

August 2011:

-integrated much of the character switching code with the 3rd person character and camera control system code
-brought on a musician for arranging the BGM for Scribe’s Descent
-further revised the story
-began 3D modeling Boxer
-assembled a prayer team for Ezimin Interactive
-brought on our first Intern, who is also handling various admin functions
-finalized the Ezimin logo and applied it to the websites

July 2011:

-Created a smooth 3rd person character and camera control system
-Created a logo for Scribe’s Descent
-Drew up many new concept sketches and tightened up some existing ones
-Brought on another Artist
-Revised the novel
-Did some significant training for our developers
-Made good progress on detailed level maps
-Laid out most of the placeholder level meshes for the first game level in the prototype
-Did more planning for art, GUIs, and programming, including standing up an art website for better artist collaboration
-Identified a third-party editor for the novel. He should begin editing Scribe’s Descent in a few months.

June 2011:

-Wrote first draft of Scribe’s Descent, the novel
-Made a concept of the Company logo
-Began area level map sketches
-Composed about 30 new songs
-Brought a tester on board and got him oriented
-Wrote out several more business documents and procedures
-Got all team members connected to Bugzilla and the SVN repository
-Got our Chief Advisor up to speed on all that the company has done so far (he gives a glowing review for the novel so far)
-Brought on another Artist

May 2011:

-Assembled a team of developers (Producer, 3D/2D artist, Unity Programmer, Designer, Tester and Localization Designer)
-Wrote a basic storyline
-Brainstormed out game play mechanics and features
-Created a basic prototype of Scribe’s Descent (Build 1.2)
-Wrote a set of business documents (policies, org charts, procedures…) and familiarized all team members with them
-Set up an SVN server for file versioning
-Set up a Bugzilla site for bug tracking
-Wrote a plan for the concept phase of Pre-Production
-Drew rough concepts for the main characters and a game world map
-Created a set of team websites for collaboration