Scribe’s Descent


Ezimin’s very first game. A puzzle RPG aimed first at web browsers, and then Android and iPhones, in that order. A light-weight 3D game that gives the player a moderate helping of Spanish learning and a pinch of evangelistic themes.


19 years old. 5’8”. Moderate build. Has stubble. Handsome and a bit rugged in the face. His thing is bravery and having faith in bleak situations.


25 years old. 5’10”. Burly and hairy. He likes a physical challenge and is excited to fight the Protector. He likes weapons.


18 years old. 5’6”. Long hair. Green eyes. Slender and beautiful. She isn’t much for the physical grunt work but likes a puzzle challenge. She’s in heaven down in the Bioprison as far as the intellectual challenge goes.


Three young scribes, Rain, Boxer, and Mallory, are forced by the government to climb down the Bioprison – the world’s deepest chasm. They are to descend to the very bottom and kill the enormous beast that world leaders believe is causing a rash of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. The Bioprison has been sealed up with enormous stones that were magically sealed in place with foreign words centuries ago. These young scribes are the only ones who still understand enough of this forgotten language to begin to break through the barrier rocks.
          The scribes are sealed in from above as soon as they enter the chasm, and find that besides for the challenge of translating the ancient words on the blocks, there are many puzzles to solve in order to continue downward. As they go, they run into people who have been trapped below ground for centuries, struggling to find food and water and grasping onto hope that one day they will see sunlight again. When the scribes mention their objective of killing the beast at the bottom, the people in the first city, Paito, are incredulous. They claim that their mission is doomed, for “the Protector” is far too strong for them.
Along the way, the team must defeat small monsters by vaporizing blocks beneath the monsters to make them fall or by making blocks fall on them from above. These monsters say that they are merely trying to prepare you to see the “the Protector”.
          After much exploration, the party finally reaches the Protector (an armadillo the size of a small asteroid). He welcomes and congratulates you for your bravery and tells you that the reason he’s shaking the earth is to find a way back to the surface for the people he protects and to kill off the oppressors above who stole the earth from the original people who are now trapped underground.
The scribes question why they should believe him. He responds by pointing out that the glyphic blocks were reforming above them as they descended. The oppressors never meant for the scribes to make it back to the surface. They are merely tools to be used and discarded. How could they trust the oppressors after that kind of treatment?
          The player gets to choose to believe the Protector and help him burrow back to the surface to reclaim the world, or to fight him. Because of this choice, there will be two possible endings (and maybe more, time permitting).