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Who We Look For

Interns and Regulars

Interns may begin with no skills in programming or art, but gain them by working with us. They receive structured training in game programming, game art, or both. Interns learn by building games in the Unity Game Engine and creating 3D models in Blender. After training, the intern may be promoted to a regular developer and enjoy profit sharing according to his or her percentage of hours worked.

Regular Developers already have considerable experience in programming, art, sound, or game design. They come in with a shorter training period and enjoy profit sharing immediately.

What You Can Expect

All team members work from home and agree to a minimum number of committed hours per week, custom-fit for each person’s availability. Everyone is expected to journal their efforts on our website, attend the monthly team meetings, and carry out assigned tasks. Members do their own training, as well as take part in group training and one-on-one instruction with a Department Lead.

What You Need

  • A Computer with internet access
  • Artists need Blender (free) and either Photoshop (paid) or Gimp (free)
  • Programmers need the Unity Game Engine (Indie license is free)
  • a Passion for Game Development
  • Commitment
  • Ability to take direction and receive feedback

Why You Should Join Us

  • Get Real Life experience making games
  • Make your Portfolio sparkle
  • Profit Sharing early on (while the sharing is still good)
  • Learn from experienced developers

You don’t have to be a guru on the mountain to get a job in games!

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