Chocolate Zoo

Chocolate Zoo Demo (as of 10-16-2013) Please right click and select “Go Fullscreen” for best results.
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Regain mouse control – right click and then move the mouse away from the game screen
Move Forward – W key or Up arrow. Move Backward – S key or Down arrow
Walk and turn – hold W key while steering with the mouse
Crawl – press Z
Camera Panning – Move the mouse (holding down the right mouse button disables this. Having a translation window open also disables this, though you can still walk around)
Jump – spacebar.
Attack – left click
Camera zoom – middle mouse wheel.
Extend or Retract claws – C key (only available once you’ve learned it)
Show menu – M key.
Hide Translation window – P key
Advance an Interact Prompt – Enter key.
Use Item – i key. Open Treasure Chest – Enter key.
Lock onto nearest enemy – Q key. 1 Key quits locking
Dive in water – Minus key
Go fullscreen – right click the screen and choose Go Fullscreen. Exit fullscreen or to quit playing (by re-gain control of mouse cursor) – ESC key
Mousing over wordblocks shows the word you’ll have to translate. Bump into the word block to bring up the translation window. Click on a button that corresponds to the correct answer. If correct, the block will vanish and you’ll be awarded translation points. There are also bugs galore, which will be remedied in time. Please check back here for period updates!

Some Known Issues
-Dropped items fall through the floor and are placeholder cubes that will be replaced
-Day/Night cycle doesn’t keep state across scene changes
-Not enough save points
-Enemies spawn in odd places and are too concentrated in some areas, and more enemy types will be added later
-More treasure chests and word blocks will be added in the future
-Treasure chest needs light shafts and sound effects
-Window light shafts in Yarn need to flicker on randomly at night rather than all at the same time
-Level geometry in the Tree Stump Palace is not complete
-Textures on models are not cleaned up yet, especially in the tree stump and on the stone staircase in Yarn
-Some game areas are too large for the content they have – will be shrunk down properly
-Various sound effects are missing
-Clever can stand on steep surfaces instead of sliding down
-Clever does not steer quite right when climbing wooden surfaces
-Various parts of the Tree Stump Palace level geometry are not aligned properly
-Layout of UI elements on the character profile menu screens needs some attention
-Terrain is not entirely closed in at some points, allowing Clever to roam out into areas that should be inaccessible
-Translation points have not been fully integrated into the event system yet.
-Language learning system is not set up yet to help the player learn the words they’re finding on the word blocks
-Entrance to the Komodo Mountains doesn’t look like a cave opening (Just a scene changer trigger zone for now)
-Camera isn’t facing the right way after scene changes
-Terrain in the Komodo Mountains area will be completely redone
-Various NPCs and their dialogue events still need to be added
-Boss room and first boss still need to be added to the tree stump palace
-Some models and textures are still placeholder, like the menu background image
-Clever’s hindquarters don’t deform properly when he runs